Friday Rules: 27/01/2012


New and Shiny Stuff!!! Over the last couple of months, we’ve been busy setting up new supplier agreements so that we can bring you a even more gaming goodness in 2012; roleplayers will have already noticed the much wider variety of books available, especially independently produced titles. And this week, we had a mammoth delivery of board games, many of which have been unavailable in the UK for many months; including Railways of the World; Conquest of the Empire; Hannibal (Rome vs Carthage), Tribune (Primus inter Pares), Merchants and Marauders, Ticket to Ride Marklin, and Kingdoms. And there’ll be more deliveries over the next couple of weeks (keep a close eye on our Facebook page) – come and fill your boots!

Learn to Play…or just Play! We had a great time playing Ora et Libora, by Uwe Rosenberg on Wednesday evening. We’re planning on setting up more of these smaller games meets –  email usFacebook us or comment below to let us know what you’d like to play and when!

World of Warcraft Realms Qualifier - we now have a confirmed date! The Rules of Play WoW Realms qualifier will be held on Sunday 11th March and will be a sealed deck tournament; more details to follow shortly. In the meantime, why not come along to the next WoW casual play day in Rules on Sunday 12th Feb, or join the Facebook group for local players here.

Yu Gi Oh – Please remember that there is NO Yu Gi Oh on Saturday 28th January and Sat 4th February for the MTG Pre-Release/Release tournaments, back to normal Sat 11th February.

Dark Ascension Events – Pre-release events this weekend are fully booked! There are just a couple of spaces available for the release party on Saturday 4th February and the games day on Sunday 26th February – check here for details and to RSVP!  Advance bookings are highly recommended following the rapid take-up of the pre-releases. ALSO PLEASE PRE-ORDER YOUR BOXES AND FAT PACKS NOW TO MAKE SURE YOU DON’T MISS OUT!  There are limited free promo cards for each order of a complete Dark Ascension box of boosters!

Coming up…We are currently taking pre-orders for Eclipse, Risk Legacy, SuperDungeon Explore, Wiz War and Rex – Final Days of an Empire,  please let us know as soon as possible if you’d like any of these titles and we will make sure they are pre-ordered for you to avoid disappointment.

Review spot – one of the games we received this week was the third edition of Reiner Knizia’s Kingdoms (as yet not generally available in the UK). So we’re taking a look at this review from Tom Vasel, written back in 2003, after the second edition was released. Enjoy!

Releases/Restocks/Coming soon!

New in store this week:  Its a quiet week for new releases, with most of the focus on CCGs – new Magic: the Gathering set Dark Ascension will be on sale from Friday 3rd February.  Following the very highly appreciated new Order of Chaos set for Yu-Gi-Oh, we’ll have the new Dragons Collide structure decks in next week as well.  For role-players, we have Lorefinder, the Pathfinder-compatible supplement which introduces the investigative mechanics of Gumshoe.

New releases available to order from today: Tile-laying strategy in Sol; the card game based on computer fighting games, Battlecon: War of the Indines; Kingdom of Solomon, and Venture Forth; Invasive Procedures for Trail of Cthulhu.

Available in store now: Power Grid: The First Sparks and Power Grid: Robots; the awesome Kingdom Builder by Donald X. Vaccarino; great Panda-themed strategic in the delightful Takenoko; stand-along expansion Ascension: Storm of Souls; potential argument-initiator, Dragon’s Gold; the incredible and much sought-after Railways of the World; Conquest of the Empire (really only recommended for those with a large gaming table!!); Seikigahara; 1996 classic, Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage; a brand new edition of Reiner Knizia’s Kingdoms; Dungeon Petz; Catan: Great River; great pirate shenanigans in the fantastic Mechants & Marauders; Tricoda 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (also known as Code 777).

Other recent releases available to order - FridayDeadlands Reloaded Players GuideMutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition Gamemaster’s GuidePhantom League: Mostly HarmlessOctopus’ GardenBios: Megafauna; Dungeon RunA La CarteBazaarEmpires: Builder Expansion for the Age of Empires III boardgame; Revolver; Khan; Singapore; Memoir 44 Campaign Book 2; Tschack!; Cambria; HiberniaThe Road to CanterburyUpon A Salty OceanThe Forgotten Planet; Acqua DolceTrains, Planes and Automobiles; Outpost; Core Worlds; Burdigala.

Arriving soon: – Reprints of Super Dungeon Explore and Eclipse, both of which sold out very very quickly upon their initial release; remake of the chaotically classic Wiz War;  Rex: Final Days of an Empire (based on the AH classic Dune, and set in the Twilight Imperium universe); intriguing-looking new card-based game from Cryptozoic with the very long title, Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mount Skullfyre; Yu-Gi-Oh Dragons Collide Structure Decks  ; Star Trek Expeditions – Expansion. PRE-ORDERS FOR ALL THESE BEING TAKEN NOW!


…are now over on the Events Tab. As always, if you want it and we’re not doing it, SHOUT!!

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