Friday Rules: 03/02/2012


MORE New and Shiny Stuff!!! Yesterday, we were mostly unpacking our latest shipment, which was so huge it came on its very own pallet!! New releases Wiz War, Twilight Imperium: Rex, Reiner Knizia’s Kingdoms; a return of recent sellout A Game of Thrones – The Board Game, and also old favourites Roborally, Shadows over Camelot, Railways of Europe, Age of Conan, St Petersburg, and Thurn & Taxis. We are literally stuffed to the rafters, though judging by the response we’ve had many of these titles won’t be hanging around long!

Dark Ascension, the latest set for Magic the Gathering is officially released as of today; we have Fat Packs, Intro Decks and Boosters in store; don’t forget the special Buy a Box price of £100, plus we have a limited number of Gravecrawler promos – one with each box purchase while stocks last!

Chapter/Rules of Play Games Night is next Sunday 12th February…hopefully we’ll all be in a good mood after the Wales Scotland match, but whatever the result, we’ll be there in Chapter with our boxes of goodies! RSVP here.

Yu Gi Oh – Please remember that there is NO Yu Gi Oh tomorrow (Sat 4th February) for the MTG Release tournament, back to normal Sat 11th February. But the good news is, the Dragons Collide Structure Decks are in today!

World of Warcraft Realms Qualifier - The Rules of Play WoW Realms qualifier will be held on Sunday 11th March and will be a sealed deck tournament; more details to follow shortly. In the meantime, why not come along to the next WoW casual play day in Rules on Sunday 12th Feb, or join the Facebook group for local players here.  The new Crown of the Heavens boosters and epic collections will be in stock from next week!

Coming up…We are currently taking pre-orders for Panic Station, Eclipse, Risk Legacy, SuperDungeon Explore, please let us know as soon as possible if you’d like any of these titles and we will make sure they are pre-ordered for you to avoid disappointment.

Review spot – Chaos – or Elegant Brutality? Have a look at geekinsight’s review of Chaos on the Old World on BGG, and if you want more, check out what have to say also!

Releases/Restocks/Coming soon!

New in store NOW – Fantasy Flight’s reprint of the classic Wiz-War; the new boardgame based on the classic Dune, set in the universe of Twilight Imperium, Twilight Imperium: Rex; Rio Grande’s Havana; the third edition of Reiner Knizia’s Kingdoms; Lorefinder, investigative roleplaying for Pathfinder; restocks of A Game of Thrones 2nd EditionChaos in the Old World and Merchants and Marauders; Invasive Procedures for Trail of Cthulhu RPG; all the Dark Ascension goodies you need for your Magic: the Gathering fix – boosters, intro decks and fat packs.

In store from next week – new Yu-Gi-Oh Dragons Collide Structure decks; WoW TCG Crown of the Heavens Epic Collections and boosters (with a free Baby Murloc promo for all WoW purchases over £10).

New releases available to order from today: Hades, expansion for Cyclades; Legends of Anglerre playing companion; Rallyman and its expansion, Dirt; Giza, the Great Pyramid.

Also available in store now: lots of Power Grid, including the new First Sparks stand-alone game, and expansions for the original: RobotsNew Power Plants and maps for  Central Europe and China/Korea; brilliant deduction game Tricoda; stand-alone expansion for Ascension, Storm of Souls;  Railways of the World, and the Europe expansion; Conquest of the Empire (for those with very, very big gaming tables);  1996 classic, Hannibal: Rome vs. CarthageDungeon Petz; and highly addictive new strategy games Kingdom Builder and Takenoko.

Other recent releases available to order -

Tile-laying strategy in Sol; the card game based on computer fighting games, Battlecon: War of the IndinesKingdom of SolomonVenture ForthFridayDeadlands Reloaded Players GuideMutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition Gamemaster’s GuidePhantom League: Mostly HarmlessOctopus’ GardenBios: Megafauna; Dungeon RunA La CarteBazaarEmpires: Builder Expansion for the Age of Empires III boardgame; Revolver; Khan; Singapore; Memoir 44 Campaign Book 2; Tschack!; Cambria; HiberniaThe Road to CanterburyUpon A Salty OceanThe Forgotten Planet; Acqua DolceTrains, Planes and Automobiles; Outpost; Core Worlds; Burdigala.

Arriving soon: – Reprints of Super Dungeon Explore, Panic Station and Eclipse; intriguing-looking new card-based game from Cryptozoic with the very long title, Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mount Skullfyre; the first expansion for Kingdom Builder, Nomads; World of Warcraft deck-building game, Clash of Champions; Locke & Key, and Dark Eon: Assassin. PRE-ORDERS FOR ALL THESE BEING TAKEN NOW!


…are now over on the Events Tab. As always, if you want it and we’re not doing it, SHOUT!!

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