Friday Rules: 29/03/2013


Game of the Week – Legendary. Its been a long time coming, but we’ve finally managed to get in some copies of Legendary: The Marvel Deck-Building Game. Full of all your favourite Marvel superheroes, players will select a number of hero decks at the start of a game in order to team up and defeat a range of super-villains. With fantastic artwork covering the entire Marvel universe and over 500 cards (of which you’ll only use a subset for each game), there’s an excelsior of superhero-love for 1-5 players in this mammoth box. For more information, check out the rulebook, or check out the video reviews from Joel Eddy at and Tom Vasel from The Dice Tower. As Stan Lee would say, “Nuff said”.

Shop Cardiff. Don’t forget that you have until the end of Monday April 1st to take part in the Shop Cardiff Challenge. We’ve had loads of positive feedback on this, and its great to see so much interest (this week has been particularly busy, with Rules of Play being featured on BBC Radio Wales and ITV Wales news). Until the end of Monday 1st April, spend £20 or more at Rules and mention Shop Cardiff to get one of our lovely free reusable bags and a chance to win a £10 gift voucher.

International Tabletop Day. While we’re excited that Season 2 of Tabletop has just been announced, foremost in our minds at the moment is International Tabletop Day - we’ll be at The Gate from 7pm on Saturday 30th April. So, mark your diaries and bring along some friends and family so we can spread the love of all things gaming related. There will be promos to give away, and we’ll be bringing a bunch of games featured on Tabletop, including Munchkin, Tsuro, Zombie Dice, Alhambra, Star Fluxx, Dixit, Gloom, Ticket to Ride and Small World. In addition, we’ll have some Rules of Play favourites as well including Snake Oil, Hanabi, Coup, Survive: Escape from AtlantisCarcassonne, and as many other great games as we can carry!

Cardiff Boardgaming for STEPS. There will be an all-day boardgaming session at Highfields Church in Cathays on Saturday 6th April. Running from 10am to 10pm, entry is only £4 (£2 for children), and all proceeds will be going to STEPS, the charity helping children with limb conditions such as club foot.

Magical Arts & Crafts. When Magic: The Gathering first launched in the early ’90s, as well as revolutionising how we think of card games, it also provided an incredible demand for high-quality art, providing many fledging fantasy artists with an income. Twenty years on from its original release, some of the original artists for the first Magic cards have joined together to contribute to a new book, The Gathering: Reuniting Pioneering Artists of Magic.  Creativity in Magic doesn’t just end with the artists however, as one fan’s dress made from Magic cards at the recent PAX East convention shows!

Easter Opening Hours. We’ll be closed on Easter Sunday (March 31st), open Sunday hours (11:00-16:00) on Monday (April 1st), and open as normal all other days.

Releases/Restocks/Coming soon!

New in store from next week – no new releases this week because of the Easter holidays, but we’ve managed to so many great new games in this week that we’re sure you’ll cope for 7 days ;)

New Releases Available Now – its superhero heaven in Rules at the moment, with this week’s game of the week, Legendary joining the Batman: Gotham City Strategy Game and Shattered Timelines, the 3rd expansion for the marvellous Sentinels of the Multiverse. Also new onto the shelves are the gorgeous story-telling Winter Tales; take on the might of Rhianna’s sponsors in Resident Evil: The Deck-Building Game; the new revised edition of co-op classic Pandemic; card-drafting politics with Pax Porfiriana; dice-based survival with Zombies: Roll Them Bones; Indigo, the new tile-laying game by Reiner Knizia; Warhammer 40K clashes with Talisman and produces Relic; Sudden Death, the long-awaited expansion for Blood Bowl: Team Manager; Snake Oil, which has rapidly become a favourite at our boardgames events; Richard Garfield’s latest Ghooost!; quirky but brilliant little Euro, Oddville; Lord of the Rings: The Dice-Building Game; Stefan Feld’s Bora Bora, and Cube-inspired Room-25.

Also in Stock Now.  Millennium Falcon, Slave-1, TIE Interceptors and A-Wing for Star Wars: X-Wing (along with restocks of the core set); Keyflower and Key HarvestStar Trek deck-building gamesDiscworld: Ankh Morpork Collector’s EditionMice & MysticsExodus: Proxima CenturTalisman: The CityEclipse (and the Rise of the Ancients expansion); Stefan Feld’s TrajanSpace Cadets; Tzolk’in; Risk Legacy; Indiana Jones in 10 minutes with Escape: The Curse of the Temple and its new Illusions expansion; Garden Dice, and loads, loads more.

Recent releases available to order Bywater’s War: Commander at Sea XI, and a new 5th Edition of Napoleon at LeipzigAxis & Allies WW1 1914AugustusMedieval MasteryHirelings: The AscentGladiatoriAsgardCommand & Colours: Napoleonics – The Russian Army, and Il Vecchio.

Arriving soon: – Explorers & Pirates, the 4th big box expansion for Settlers of Catan; Terra Mystica, which is looking like a strong contender for game of the year (and Steve’s most anticipated release!); more Discworld goodness from Martin Wallace with The Witches; more Story Cubes with the gorgeous-looking new Enchanted, Prehistoria and Clues sets; the successor to the fabulous Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert; steampunk adventure from Fantasy Flight in Planet Steam, and the new Star Trek miniatures game using the mechanics of the fantastic Star Wars: X-WingPRE-ORDERS FOR ALL THESE BEING TAKEN NOW!


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